Final Touch Water Cleanup Review

This review was from a couple in Bedford, Ohio which is a suburb right outside of Cleveland we are very pleased that they loved our services.
Final touch restore came out very quickly, assessed the damage to our kitchen and basement, removed water damaged plaster/ceiling tiles/floor tiles, sprayed a anti-microbial to prevent mold/mildew and set up special machines to remove water and dry the wet areas.
We had a flood due to a water supply line break in our under our kitchen sink.  The cabinet under our sink, as well as our hardwood floors were extremely wet due to the amount of water that gushed out of the burst lines.  Additionally, our basement was also affected (it was raining through the ceiling) and the ceiling and floor tiles were ruined.  Final touch restore came out that day, inspected the damage and brought in the equipment the next morning.  We were very happy with the professionalism of the Final touch restore staff and are confident our home is sufficiently dry to make repairs to affected areas.  We cannot comment yet on the price as we have not received a bill yet.
Basement water backup through sump pump in basement (1000 square feet of finished area, 600 feet of unfinished area). Final Touch Restore responded within 24 hours with a team of six. They remained for hours and thoroughly prepared basement for drying. Moved furniture, removed carpet, and open walls for drying. They left up to 25 machines and returned everyday for three days to ensure dryness. Each person that can to my home was uniformed, respectful and never seemed to stop working. the work was heavy and hard, they all performed with a smile. I have no comparables on price as this was an emergency and there was no time for price shopping…..but they worked for the money and had excellent results.